Wow, it has been a while.  My Multiple Myeloma journey has been sort of uneventful, which in the world of cancer diagnosis is a great thing.

I have gone from three month blood tests and followups with my cancer doc to three month blood tests and six month doc visits.  That is huge!  I mean, it is almost like I don’t have cancer…. well, that is just how it feels after two years of this process.

Now, I go in and do my blood work twice before I see my doc who tells me my numbers are still basically the same as when I was diagnosed in 2016.  My doc seems to feel that based on my history and two years of blood work my smoldering diagnosis might just keep going for quite a while.

So, am I happy?  Fuck no.  I still have cancer.

Am I happy that my cancer seems to just be sitting and waiting to do what it will eventually do?  Not really, it doesn’t change the fact that I have cancer.

The only silver lining is that as time passes, you start to become less consumed with the fact that you have cancer and you become more consumed with finding a new job, getting your kids out of high school and into college, paying for groceries and gas and all the shit we need/want/have to have to survive, and of course CRAFT BEER.  Damn I love my craft beer.

My story and path is my own, and no two people are the same.  So for me, I will continue to live my life as I want and until the Myeloma starts to do what my doc says at some point it will, I will keep on keeping on.




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