It’s March, Must be Myeloma Action Month

IMF is encouraging using social media with the hashtag #MyelomaWarrior. Such posts will stream to the IMF’s “Wall of Warriors” at the Myeloma Action Month website, which also includes shareable graphics. The site also offers Myeloma Warrior-branded apparel and other items the foundation hopes will be used in “selfies” and posted on social media channels.


Read about it here


March is Myeloma Action Month in Minnesota

March 4, 2019 will be designated “Myeloma Action Month” in the state of Minnesota as proclaimed by gov. Tim Walz.

I don’t know if this is unique to MN or if other states have done this or are doing it but it sure helps to shine a light on a form of cancer that most people don’t have a clue about or have ever heard about.

They are asking for as many people who are diagnosed as possible to show up at the gallery of the House of Representatives to be acknowledged and to put human faces around the disease, so look for me in the crowd and who knows, you may see me.

If you can’t be there, here is the official document about the proclamation.

02 26 19 Mn Gov Walz proclamation


Wow, it has been a while.  My Multiple Myeloma journey has been sort of uneventful, which in the world of cancer diagnosis is a great thing.

I have gone from three month blood tests and followups with my cancer doc to three month blood tests and six month doc visits.  That is huge!  I mean, it is almost like I don’t have cancer…. well, that is just how it feels after two years of this process.

Now, I go in and do my blood work twice before I see my doc who tells me my numbers are still basically the same as when I was diagnosed in 2016.  My doc seems to feel that based on my history and two years of blood work my smoldering diagnosis might just keep going for quite a while.

So, am I happy?  Fuck no.  I still have cancer.

Am I happy that my cancer seems to just be sitting and waiting to do what it will eventually do?  Not really, it doesn’t change the fact that I have cancer.

The only silver lining is that as time passes, you start to become less consumed with the fact that you have cancer and you become more consumed with finding a new job, getting your kids out of high school and into college, paying for groceries and gas and all the shit we need/want/have to have to survive, and of course CRAFT BEER.  Damn I love my craft beer.

My story and path is my own, and no two people are the same.  So for me, I will continue to live my life as I want and until the Myeloma starts to do what my doc says at some point it will, I will keep on keeping on.


Call Me the Human Rat

Lenalidomide and Dexamethasone With or Without Anakinra in Treating Patients With Early Stage Multiple Myeloma

This marks my beginning of letting medical science use my body and condition to see if a certain drug combination works or not to curtail the myeloma cancer in patients, like me.

Nervous, you’re damn right.

Scared, a little.

Hopeful…well, that is the reason to go through all of this.

I will post what I can of the process and results, so feel free to call the kids and neighbors and pull up a chair and the popcorn, cuz this is going to be a show!

This is where you will find me once a month, nice place on the 10th floor of the Mayo building.