March is Myeloma Action Month in Minnesota

March 4, 2019 will be designated “Myeloma Action Month” in the state of Minnesota as proclaimed by gov. Tim Walz.

I don’t know if this is unique to MN or if other states have done this or are doing it but it sure helps to shine a light on a form of cancer that most people don’t have a clue about or have ever heard about.

They are asking for as many people who are diagnosed as possible to show up at the gallery of the House of Representatives to be acknowledged and to put human faces around the disease, so look for me in the crowd and who knows, you may see me.

If you can’t be there, here is the official document about the proclamation.

02 26 19 Mn Gov Walz proclamation

Cancer Down Nationwide But ‘Hot Spots’ Persist

I am glad to see that Minnesota, and Minneapolis to be specific, are not in the “hot spots” as listed on CNN.

Here is an exerpt:

Overall, the counties with the cancer highest mortality rates were in Kentucky and the South (per 100,000 people):

  1. Union County, Florida 503.05
  2. Madison County, Mississippi 363.03
  3. Powell County, Kentucky 337.43
  4. Breathitt County, Kentucky 329.07
  5. Marlboro County, South Carolina 324.02
  6. Owsley County, Kentucky 323.30
  7. Anderson County, Texas 323.22
  8. Perry County, Kentucky 322.75
  9. Harlan County, Kentucky 319.82
  10. Lee County, Kentucky 317.33

The lowest rates of all cancers were seen in these counties (per 100,000 people):

  1. Summit County, Colorado 70.71
  2. Pitkin County, Colorado 81.86
  3. Eagle County, Colorado 94.29
  4. Presidio County, Texas 103.51
  5. Hinsdale County, Colorado 110.26
  6. San Miguel County, Colorado 113.58
  7. Aleutians East Borough, Aleutians West Census Area, Alaska 116.05
  8. Los Alamos County, New Mexico 118.42
  9. Billings County, North Dakota 120.27
  10. Grand County, Colorado 121.34

I guess the lesson here is if you are worried about getting cancer, move to colorado!