Hi, This Is Me…So Far.

In September of 2016, I was diagnosed with Smoldering Multiple Myeloma.  For those of you who know about this type of cancer, you already understand the issues and challenges.

For those, like myself, who really didn’t know anything about this type of cancer, my life started to revolve around 3 month checkups to see if the cancer was changing and the constant voice in your head that kept saying, “shit, now what?”

After the initial shock and emotional downs of what I was told, I started what I am sure most people who get this type of news do, hit the internet to find out what this cancer is all about and how will this impact my life, now and in the future.

The first thing that I read was that there was no cure.

Ok, that just about made me stop reading right there.  Again, shit, now what?

Over the next 4-5 months, I was able to brighten my mood and thoughts upon reading and hearing from Myeloma patients who were 20 year survivors and even longer.  I decided that I did have more of a future than was initially lead to believe, and have now updated my future status to “work in progress, with minor detours!”

I plan on using this blog to share my story so others that find themselves in the same situation can understand that this diagnosis doesn’t have to be a death sentence but instead a chance to step back from the hustle and bustle of life and slow things down and enjoy what you can control.  Time with friends or family, taking the time to do the things you enjoy, and to stop worrying about all the other crap going on in life that you worried about before your diagnosis.

So, this is me…. so far.